About Bestona

Quality Specification

Property Typical Results Test Method
Tensile Strength (n/mm) 29.72 ASTM-D-638:02A
Tensile Modulus 2.75 x 10 psi  
Flexural Strength 8000 psi  
Compression Strength 1.72 x 10 psi  
Flexural Modulus 1.2 x 10 psi  
Hardness Barcol 62 ASTM-D-2583:2001
Heat Resistance 105o c  
Specific Gravity 1.73 ASTM-D-792:91
Water Absorption (@220 c for 24 hours) 0.02% ASTM-D-570:88
Izod Impact 0.44  
Impact Resistance (1/2 lb.ball) No Fracture ASTM-D-2794-1999
High Temperature Resistance Passed  
Boiling Water Resistance Passed  
Stain Resistance Passed  
Chemical Resistance No Changes ASTM-D-1308:87

Specification Guidelines

When specifying BESTONA, the drawings and specification sheets should clearly indicate the following:
1. BESTONA solid surface materials by MILESTONE BUILDING MATERIALS TRADING LLC for Solid Surfaces.
2. Material thickness (e.g. 6,13 mm ).
3. Colors required should be quoted by color reference number or color code reference, which BESTONA will submit as a sample for the client prior approval.
4. If a sink or basin is required, please specify the color reference number as well as the particular model number required.
5. Indicate the backsplash height, depth of downturns and the edge details. Also indicate other design details such as color of inlays, routing details, accessories and other appurtenances.


The following is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about BESTONA from designers, Architect, and buyers. We hope these are help but should this not be the case, we urge you to call your BESTONA distributor, or certified BESTONA Fabricator or BESTONA directly.

1.Very Competitive Pricingpolicy.
2. Market oriented ‘real time’ personal service.
3. All the test method as per ASTM standard tests.
4. Wide range of colors.
5. Custom color at no extra charge for large projects.
6. Excellent fire Rating performance.
7. Excellent breaking strength for “Drop Ball Test”.
8. Very high quality standard of fabrication.
9. The only solid surface material that uses an acrylic modified resin specially developed for BESTONA
BESTONA has many properties and performance criteria that no alternative material can match (refer to BESTONA Versus Other Materials Chart Sec. H).

BESTONA offers the best value for money, the installed price of a BESTONA counter with design features, i.e. front edge, coved up stand etc. costs lower than the installed price of good quality Granite.
BESTONA offers the most competitive price amongst the prevailing Brands in the market because it uses the most cost efficient manufacturing process.

BESTONA will manufacture special sizes, for large projects, to minimize fabrication wastage thereby reducing fabrication costs.
Yes. BESTONA has 54 colors with different colors selling better in different markets. BESTONA has readily available a sample box containing all the colors. Furthermore, if you have any specific color requirement for a project and it is not in our color range, you can request BESTONA to make a customized color sample.
Does not BESTONA recommend dark solid colors for horizontal installations. The dark solid colors must be finished in a high gloss, which is difficult to maintain on counters. Minor scratches are distinctly visible due to the dark background and need regular polishing to keep the original appearance. The Black & Blue are not available. However, BESTONA will make dark solid colors of your choice, subject to the abovementioned understanding.
No. BESTONA is not recommended for exterior applications.
Yes, provided the correct thickness (12 mm +), tile sizes and color is chosen to minimize the maintenance.
Yes the minimum bending radius will depend upon the thickness of the BESTONA sheet as shown below:
Thickness BR
6 mm 30 cm
12 mm 35 cm
Yes, if sharp metal objects are dragged across the surface, BESTONA , like any other material, will scratch. The only material that does not scratch is diamond, even steel can be scratched, but the scratches on BESTONA can be removed without leaving a trace, by using simple household abrasive cleaners. This is not possible with many alternative-surfacing materials.
Yes. BESTONA sinks and basins are available only in limited colors, designs and sizes. BESTONA offers sinks and vanities in super white and Solid White colors as standard. Other colors can be made upon request. Granite colors are not recommended, as there will be uneven grain particle distribution on the curves of the sinks and bowls.
No, it will try to match as close as possible but an exact match is impossible due to the technical limitations of manufacturing Solid Surface Materials.
BESTONA is made of an acrylic modified resin material with aluminum hydroxide as filler.
BESTONA invested capital in the conduct of extensive tests and research with the objective of further improving not only BESTONA’s aesthetic qualities but also more so its service performing properties. Simply stated, the aim was to develop a solid surface material that retains the best qualities of polyester based product, in addition to possessing the best qualities of an acrylic based product.

Specifically BESTONA’s flexural and tensile propertied have been enhanced, plus its hardness and impact resistance and wear resistance tests also showed better performance results. BESTONA now has the desirable qualities of an acrylic based solid surface material, at the same time maintaining the best properties of a polyester product.
The order should be for a minimum quantity of 100 sheets of standard size.

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